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We are an innovative barber product company driven to create products that enhance quality and focuses on precision.

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Engineered for Precision

Our products are pain painstakingly designed by our engineers and custom designed by barbers like you overcoming issues that plaque the industry today.

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“What barbers just like you are saying”

  • Valerie Palomo
    "This spacer is a no-brainer 100x worth it's own weight in go
    Valerie Palomo
    Hair Stylist
  • Daryl Garner
    "The 0 Gapping T Outliner Spacer is a time saver, while other barbers struggled I've had literally no downtime which in my field translates to more money."
    Daryl Garner
  • Brian Clark
    "I have seen significant gains in productivity, quality and downtime almost immediately."
    Brian Clark
    Barber Shop Owner